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Take Flight on a Custom Titanium Bicycle from Corvid Cycles
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Our newest model will be making its debut at the 2020 North American Handmade Bicycle Show.MAP (More Adventure Please) is our light and fast drop bar mountain bike. Designed for a 100-120mm suspension corrected fork, up to 29x2.6" tires, a dropper seat post, and accessory


Corvus Corax, the common raven, is one of the most widely distributed avian species, equally at home in woodlands, high desert, and alpine climes. Known for its intelligence, resourcefulness, and adaptability, CORAX is sometimes shy and elusive, preferring solitude in natural environments. Born of a


Gravel? Yup. Road? Of course. Travel? Why not all three. The GRT (grit), is our ultra versatile, go anywhere, gravel bike. Choose 700c or 27.5" wheels; rigid or suspension fork; road or mountain drivetrains; flat, drop, or custom touring bar

Dirt Surfer

Paying homage to the Hood River trail of the same name, the Dirt Surfer is designed for a long travel fork, with modern geometry aimed at fast and technical descents. Despite its downhill prowess, it climbs exceptionally well, and is equally fun ripping punchy, rolling


Designed for long-distance touring over pavement, dirt roads, and trail, the Sojourner is our interpretation of the perfect travel bike. The uber-reliable Pinion and Gates drivetrain provide thousands of trouble-free kilometers, while modern geometry, wide tires, and dropper provisions, mean ear-to-ear grins. Pair with the


Centuries, brevets, and fondos are the domain of our endurance road bike. Its neutral-handling geometry and clearance for high-volume road tires emphasizes stability and comfort over race-bike quickness. Add a set of rack mounts, and it becomes a touring bike for extended outings.


Our Railgun is a modern cross country mountain bike designed to balance playfulness with high-speed stability. It shines in tight, technical singletrack, climbs like a mountain goat, and doesn't shy from the rough stuff when pointed downhill. Build it light with a short travel fork


Hup hup! Quick and nimble for navigating technical courses, the Buttercup is our dedicated cyclocross racing whip. Titanium's durability and corrosion resistance yield years of faithful service, and its material properties provide a responsive yet compliant ride on rough courses. With optional rack and fender

Rapid Transit

Rapid Transit is our take on the ultimate urban commuter: wide tires and suspension to soak up pavement cracks and potholes; durable, corrosion-resistant titanium construction for years of abuse in inclement weather; rack and fender mounts to keep you and your clothes clean and sweat-free.